V1.0a - in progress

  • Multi-organizer feature


  • Performance optimizations
    • Cache review. Increased cache duration for long term storage
    • Participant add/edit query optimization
    • 3rd party lib updates and transferred data minimization
    • Timeout for judges window. Prevents long lock-outs
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed templating deprecations
    • Slug generation improvements
    • Fixed country name on flags title in drivers list
    • JS error prevention
  • Driver country flags in championship results
  • Added icon to indicate participants with pictures
  • Added Google structured data
  • Misc UX fixes
  • System status monitoring over API
  • Competition slug history


  • Code refactoring
  • Bug fixes
    • Qualification view sorting
    • Last qualification result must be visible before switching to finals
    • Protection for championship result calculation - mus be ran after all other calculations have been done
    • Timezone issues
    • Fixed multiple issues to provide mobile friendly pages
    • Various other fixes
  • Caching for most common places
  • Core update to a long support version
  • Added filters to administration lists
  • Driver list grouped by country
  • Added instant judging for virtual drivers
  • Added position change calculation in championship standings
  • Usability upgrades
  • Solved deprecations
  • Scheduled job log for monitoring and stats


  • Automatic championship point calculation and information screen
  • Qualification barrier marker
  • Driver photo enlargement in profile
  • Finals tree reload with AJAX and protection against loss of internet
  • Dummy drivers
  • Bug fixes


  • Driver car photos in driver profile
  • Current runner live screen with driver photo and live results
  • Judging and informational screen speed increase
  • New admin design
  • Automation on competition create / edit to speedup registration


  • Preview mode - maximum screen for tournament information
  • Qualification position is determined by multiple runs comparison
  • Driver Profile
  • API for driver listing / create, running information
  • Double elimination tree support


  • All judges see winner of tsuiso
  • Final positions calculation
  • Bug fix'es and improvements


  • Finals judging by selecting winner, not points (optional)
  • Winner shown to judges after final runs
  • Meta data fixes
  • Meta desc includes part of description
  • Preview mode shows only one class in a window
  • Slug formation fixes
  • Multilingual front end
  • Event Google markup
  • Language alternative links
  • Google optimisation
  • Fix for participant list order in new and practice states of event
  • Speed optimisation (memcache, apc, css / js combining), downloadable data amount decrease
  • Exceptions and crashes logged in to ext. system
  • Tests covering qualification judging flow, finals point based judge flow


  • Fixed tree formation algorithm
  • Results sorting and best result marking
  • New competition status - practice
  • Competition location, forum link storing and display
  • Basic logic coverage by tests


  • Basic competition information storage
  • Participant input
  • Mobile referee app
  • Tournament tree drawing